BootayBag – Quality & Convenience

I personally am a fan of convenience.  Since I have such a busy schedule, I like to eliminate as many things as possible that I have to “go out of my way” for!

BootyBag literally brings me two panties a month to my door.  You can choose from the different styles or you can let them surprise you.  I always like to be surprised so I don’t even have to choose!  haha They are quality, comfy, pretty, AND only $12/month.  Opt for a year subscription ($132/year), you get one month free and you don’t ever have to go underwear shopping! If you like to look and feel good underneath your clothes like I do, click here NOW!

Extremely happy with the brand and the service!  100% recommended!

Visit them: BootayBag  Twitter Instagram Facebook

Yo soy fan de lo conveniente. Como siempre estoy ocupada, siento que no me da tiempo de nada!

BootyBag literalmente me trae la “ropa interior” a mi puerta.  Escoges dos estilos o ellos escojan todos los meses.  Son de super calidad, cómodos y están increíbles.  Aparte nadamas valen $12 al mes o $132 al año.  Si te inscribes el año, te dan un mes gratis.  La verdad, yo me gasto mas con UNA ida al super!  jaja

Super aprobados y recomendados!

Visita los: BootayBag  Twitter Instagram Facebook

14 thoughts on “BootayBag – Quality & Convenience

  1. I love Bootay Bag! I’ve gotten a couple bags from them and they’ve been so pretty and comfy. They also have bralette’s which are really adorable too!

    Meaghan xx


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