The perfect jewelry from Juwelo

As those who already know me, I love bright, vibrant colors!  Details are what make you stand out and takes an outfit to another level.  I love adding colorful details because it adds elegance with a twist.  I am always looking for those special and unique “gems.”

I literally found those gems in Juwelo.  With over 20 years of experience in the gemstone and  jewelry business, Juwelo maintains the timeless allure of their pieces, but with a modern and elegant signature.

I fell in love with these beautiful earrings.  They are Esperanza Fluorite earrings with Rose Gold platted Sterling Silver and come from Argentina.

∞∞Take a look at their selection and let me know what you think!

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Photo Aug 10


Los que ya me conocen saben que me encanta los colores fuertes.  Siempre estoy buscando los detallitos perfectos para ponerme porque son las cosas que mas sobresalen de un outfit.

Me encantaron las piedras y joyas que tiene Juwelo.  Con mas de 20 años fabricando, Juwelo ofrece muchísima variedad de detalles hermosos y cero caros!



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